“Make sure you date a man rich and can keep your secreets”-  Mandy Kizz give update on why dating married men is essential

In a viral video, the former gospel musician emphasized that regardless of a woman’s choice to date a married man or not, once she gets married, other women might pursue her husband, and there’s little one can do to prevent it.

Mandy stressed the importance of selecting a married man who is wealthy, responsible, discreet, and capable of keeping secrets.”

She went on to say that there is no need to justify to anyone why they are dating a married man.

See netizens’ reactions trailing her statement…

Agbaka said: “This one don turn finished lemon, nothing to chop here”

VERIFIED Homie said: “Olosho secretary general has spoken”

Romeo said: “But I thought they said that she has repented and she no be queen of olosho again”

Snny Cynthia stated: “If this gal marry tomorrow dey go date her husband shaa”

Steve_glitc asked: “Which kind life we Dey like this”


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng