“You’re in my DM begging me to come back to you, but yet call me a harl0t in public” Portable’s second babymama slams him for shading her

Keji, the second baby mama of the fast-rising singer Portable, has criticized him for publicly disparaging her.

In a detailed Instagram post, Keji highlighted the singer’s contradictory behavior, noting that he had been privately begging her to come back to him through direct messages while simultaneously subjecting her to online scrutiny and attracting negative comments.

Expressing her frustration, Keji referred to Portable as a “wretched human being” who continuously labels her negatively, yet remains fixated on her. She urged him to let her live her life, emphasizing that he should focus on his own affairs.

Addressing Portable as a family man, she called for him to set a positive example for his children and suggested he move on from their past. In her plea, Keji requested support from online platforms, including @mazitundeednut and @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet, to encourage Portable to respect her privacy and move on.

Weeks ago, the singer unleashed a barrage of accusations against his baby mama, alleging her involvement with Koko Zaria, an aide to MC Oluomo. Portable, who attended an event in Oshodi, claimed that his baby mama arrived with their son and engaged in intimate activities with Koko Zaria in the presence of their child.

Expressing his disappointment, Portable called out Koko Zaria for disrespecting him at an event he was invited to, accusing them of undermining him by involving his baby mama in such an inappropriate situation, especially in the presence of their son.

In response to Portable’s public outburst, Keji took to her Instagram page to vow not to let the singer find peace. She declared that her matter would eventually take a toll on him. In another post on her story, she pleaded with Portable not to drive away her helpers, expressing her desire to avoid conflicts in the new year.

Recalling their relationship, Portable and Keji welcomed a child together in December 2021, with plans to tie the knot. However, things turned sour when Portable accused Keji of infidelity after catching her with another man. Despite a brief reconciliation, their relationship faced further challenges. In September, Keji accused Portable of neglecting their son, labeling him a deadbeat father for not providing financial support for over four months.

The twists and turns in their tumultuous relationship continue to unfold, leaving followers puzzled about the complexities within their personal lives.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng