Your criticisms have brought me this far and made me find love again, Tonto Dikeh pens deep note

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh expressed her gratitude to her critics, fans, and followers in a heartfelt message as she woke up. With a massive following of 7.6 million on Instagram, she acknowledged the impact of their love, support, devotion, criticism, and encouragement in her journey.

Tonto Dikeh shared that she wishes she could reveal everything, but she firmly believes in the saying “Time will tell.” She emphasized how she’s saying a lot without saying anything, as she’s holding back from sharing a significant piece of good news that she believes will empower everyone.

She extended her heartfelt appreciation to her millions of followers for being there during both the rainy and sunny days, especially for their prayers, support, and unwavering love. Tonto Dikeh concluded her message by saying, “I LOVE YOU ALL,” acknowledging the role her followers have played in her social media journey and her life as a whole. It’s a touching expression of gratitude for the bond she shares with her online community.

A few weeks ago, Tonto Dikeh candidly addressed her imperfections, acknowledging that even if she tried, she could never be like Jesus. She openly admitted to her lack of perfection, emphasizing that she doesn’t claim to be flawless. Instead, she described herself as a woman who is constantly evolving and thriving.

The mother of one fearlessly unveiled her less-than-ideal qualities, confidently asserting that there is no man, born of a woman, that she would fear. Her self-confidence shines through, making it seem as though she holds the world in her hands.

Months earlier, Tonto took to social media to share intriguing insights about herself, highlighting what sets her apart from others. She pointed out that the losses she has faced are not truly her own, underlining her unique perspective on life.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng