“You that live in one room in Lekki, you come the abuse my helper” – Portable confronts Dammy Krane over a Davido figth

Nigerian artist Portable, also known as Habeeb Okikiola, has cautioned Dammy Krane against playing their collaborative song when speaking negatively about Davido, their mutual benefactor. In a widely circulated video on social media, Portable directly warned Dammy Krane not to use their song as a means to indirectly disparage Davido during any criticism or attack directed towards him.

Portable’s statement comes hours after Dammy Krane blasted Davido over claims that he was allegedly arrested.

While criticizing Davido, Dammy Krane reportedly played the song they sang together in the background.

In response to this, Portable advises Dammy Krane not to play the song they featured in when attacking his benefactor, Davido.

In his message, Portable said: “Hello, ladies and gentlemen Please, there are some videos I’ve been seeing online where one Danny Krane insults Davido.”

“It doesn’t concern me if you and Davido are fighting, but why is it that every time you want to insult Davido, you play the song we did together?”

“Did we sing the song to insult Davido? Davido is my helper, he will still help me. Do you want to cause a fight? If you fight with Davido, that’s different.”

You came for a feature, did you pay me? You did not pay me. When I asked you, you said you have not received money from Davido yet, and until Davido pays you, you won’t pay me.”

You know I’m not well, if I bring my boys, don’t you live in a single room in Lekki? Wasn’t it bottled water you gave us? You gave us food?”

Am I not the one who brought the producer? I told you to follow the boys I signed, you said you don’t follow people. You don’t follow people on Instagram, how will your benefactor follow you?”

The Nigerian singer made several other statements in the said video which attracted the attention of people who stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

@NWA_kingsleyy: “You own no go spoilt as per the people when the fight their helper them go suffer stay.’

@IykeDdon_autos: “Portable don shift.”

@Scholas79407768: “He’s correct.”

@obinnaukaogo: “Clear your name jare.”


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng