You moocked me for being childless – Eniola Badmus replies friend Laide Bakare

Actress Eniola Badmus issued a response to her colleague Laide Bakare’s jest about her attire at the book launch. Laide Bakare, who recently garnered attention for her outfit at an event, faced criticism for her choice of an orange cape and white ensemble. Eniola Badmus joined in on the commentary, jokingly calling her “Pastor Ajidara.” However, Laide seemed displeased with Eniola’s remark and retaliated against her criticism.

In response to her attack, Eniola Badmus also replied stating that Laide sent her a message in her DM mocking her for being childless and without a family; a way to justify her recent trolling of Laide Bakare.

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng