You Can Never Hide A Secret With Portable, Reaction As Portable Drags Adekunle Gold For Begging Him For Help (Video)

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The Singer Portable, known for his controversial nature, sparked a wave of online reactions when he publicly criticized his colleague Adekunle Gold for seeking his help.

In a widely circulated video, the ‘Wahala musician’ was seen having a conversation with his artist under contract, Young Doo, regarding the request made by Adekunle Gold.

Street-hop artiste, Portable, has revealed that R&B singer Adekunle Gold approached him for support in promoting his new song through an online competition.

Portable shared that Adekunle Gold initiated a conversation with him and earnestly asked for his participation in a video challenge for one of Adekunle’s recent tracks. However, the Zazuu sensation found this request amusing.

Portable expressed his surprise at why the accomplished artist behind ‘5 Star’ sought his assistance, especially considering that Portable himself was seeking collaboration and support to advance his own music career.

In a widely circulated video, the founder of Zeh Nation playfully teased Adekunle Gold for his actions, questioning why a successful musician like him would seek help in such a manner.

That’s how Adekunle Gold, who is popular, reached out and said I should join the social media challenge on his new song rather than a song feature.” Portable vents, blending Yoruba and pidgin English in his expression..


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng