“You better respect yourself, if they call you strong woman na me make you strong” – Portable drags first wife, Omobewaji in the mud (leaked chat)

Due to Omobewaji’s birthday message, Nigerian singer Habib Okikiola, widely recognized as Portable, has publicly criticized his former spouse. On Instagram, Omobewaji marked her birthday with self-appreciation, calling herself the queen of her own life. She expressed gratitude to God for another year and her accomplishments.

“Still my day ( THE QUEEN OF HERSELF) I am grateful for the incredible journey of the life and the person I have become. On this special day.”

Portable expressed dissatisfaction with his first wife’s statement, responding in her comment section by criticizing her for referring to herself as a queen. He emphasized that his family does not tolerate such behavior and cautioned her to be wary of his enemies to avoid being manipulated. Additionally, he boasted about his role in shaping her into a strong woman and asserted that respect must be reciprocated if she expects to receive it.

Portable wrote, “Queen of yourself????? Try to dey appreciate those who appreciate you.

The family I come from we don’t take shit. I don’t understand why you call yourself queen of yourself.

Sha calm down make them no use you get me.

If them dey call you strong woman na me make you strong if I dey respect you make you self respect yourself.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng