You are giving Youngi duu more fame, Video of Portable spraying bundle of ₦500 notes on New Signee Monke Cause Stir

Nigerian rapper Portable, also known as Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, recently celebrated the signing of Monke as a new artist to Zeh Nation Records. The celebration took place in an unidentified club, where Portable was seen displaying bundles of ₦500 cash.

This event marked Monke’s debut as an artist, and he was seen joyfully showering cash while singing along with Portable. The celebration came shortly after Young Duu’s contract with Zeh Nation Records was terminated by Portable, citing alleged associations with his rivals.

The online release of this celebration attracted a large number of viewers, and the comments section was filled with various opinions and reactions from the audience.

Here are the reactions from the viewers:

@officialljabless: “‎Justice for Youngii Duu.”
oluwatosinolatuka: “‎At least it’s better than Young Duu, or whatever he’s called.”
Treasure: “‎Thank you, Mr. Portable, because with this, you’re giving Youngu Duu more fame.”

@marywalter849: “‎It’s probably bothering Portable because tomorrow he’ll still criticize this one for spraying money.”
RukzyDc: “‎Y’all are just hating on him, but it’s his money, and there are mature people in our country.”
___BIG_tunaOfAfrica: “‎Did anyone notice the guy picking up the money? He was like, ‘Give me my money.'”
peoplemosttalk: “‎Wow, did anyone else notice that they’re re-spraying the money they already sprayed before?”
endurance: “‎I swear, there are fans of these kinds of sounds and people. Amazing.”
Oseni Usman Oladele: “‎Youngydu put Portable in trouble like this. Unbelievable.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng