You are doing Good thing may God bless you for that, Congratulations Pour In As Nigerian man surprise Veteran actor Otolo with a plot of land after Pastor Gabriel raised a sum of N5million Naira for him

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Following an outpouring of sincere support from compassionate Nigerians and well-wishers, the esteemed actor Mustapha Bakare, fondly known as Otolo, has taken a substantial stride towards fulfilling his longstanding dream of having a place to call his own.

Notably, Otolo recently turned to social media to passionately appeal to his fellow Nigerians, seeking assistance in making his aspiration of becoming a proud homeowner a reality.

A significant turn of events occurred when Pastor Agbala Gabriel, deeply moved by Otolo’s plea, emerged as a guiding light, actively involved in transforming this dream into a tangible achievement.

In a remarkable display of solidarity and empathy, Pastor Agbala Gabriel made a personal visit to Otolo’s current residence, which happens to be his father’s house, and initiated a fundraising campaign on behalf of the actor. The collective efforts yielded an impressive sum of 4 million Naira, underscoring the potency of community support.

In a recent and heartening development, the actor had a personal encounter with Pastor Gabriel at his church. During a live video session, Pastor Gabriel extended a gracious gift to Baba Otolo, presenting him with an additional 1 million Naira and a complete plot of land situated in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng