‘Wow Another Nigerian woman gets married to romanian man after 5 months of Dating online, People React Saying New Jappa Style’

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Amaka Roberts, a 37-year-old Nigerian woman, shared her joy on social media after marrying her Romanian partner, just five months after they initially connected online.

In a series of Instagram posts, Amaka revealed that she had almost given up on finding true love due to the numerous heartbreaks she had endured from past relationships. However, her perspective changed when she met her spouse through a dating app in March 2023. Remarkably, during only the second week of their long-distance relationship, he expressed interest in discussing their “marriage list.”

On August 4th, after five months of dating, he traveled to Nigeria. Their legal marriage took place on August 5th, followed by a traditional church ceremony on August 12th.

Amaka shared her joy on social media and expressed her gratitude:

“August 4th marked a significant moment in our lives. After five months of dating, he journeyed to Nigeria to be with me. We formalized our legal union on August 5th and celebrated our marriage in a traditional church ceremony on August 12th.

Before I found love, my father, who happens to be a pastor, faced a challenge. He could pray for single ladies to find their spouses, but his own daughter was growing older without a partner. This troubled him.

Sharing this news on social media, I wrote:

‘My father, my father! 🥰🥰

In my family, I appeared to be the first to reach my age without getting married. As I turned 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, and finally 37, there was no sign of a husband. My parents grew increasingly concerned.

I was always a fast learner and achiever while growing up, but as I entered adulthood, it seemed like everything slowed down. I felt left behind as my peers and even those younger than me moved forward.

Depression set in, and I withdrew from social media. Many things seemed to go wrong. My father, being a pastor, found it difficult to pray for single sisters seeking marriage when his own grown daughter remained unmarried. But he continued to pray, holding onto his unwavering faith.

My wedding day was an emotional moment for my dad, especially when I walked down the aisle. God finally answered his prayers, removing the stigma and wiping away all tears. He gave my father a testimony that he can now share to inspire and pray for other single sisters.

When God delays, He shows up in a big way!


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng