“Womeen And This There Dressing Wahalaa”– Viral Video Of Bimbo Ademoye Spotted Breathing With Ease In Her Corsetted Dress

Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye has stir massive reaction online with the type of dress she step out with to Kunle Afolayan Anikulapo Series Premiere.

In the video, Bimbo Ademoye was seen Finding it very difficult to breathe but trying to find by all means so that she can breathe easily.

The outfit she was putting on made it very difficult for her to breathe and looking uncomfortable in the outfit but she tried to compose herself.

Instablog wrote:Actress Bimbo Ademoye spotted breathing with ‘ease’ in her beautiful corsetted dress at a recent event.

See social media reaction below;

Ci_cidaniel wrote: For your own comfort, after taking pictures with that corset dress, find way remove am wear bubu, this thing did not allow me dance or sit properly at my Aunt’s traditional marriage, I no even fit chop, it was as if I wasn’t happy my Aunt was getting married

Inumidun_ wrote: But what is the purpose of being uncomfortable to please people 😂😂 can’t you just wear whatever you’re comfortable with

Rhayour_fashion.w wrote: Na stomach my fave wan snatch,na her life the tailor wan snatch😢abeg make nothing do my Iya Baraka o

Womaninportharcourt wrote: This thing wey no let me chop or drink anything for the last party wey I attend. 😢 if I hear corset now , I dey pass another road abeg we no fit jam again 😂

Goldglass_hair wrote: God knows I can never ever sew a corset dress. Leave me and let me carry my pot belly stomach like that 😂😂😂. No matter how beautiful it looks on people, I won’t still sew it. Me that do not like wearing bra due to discomfort will now be the same person to sew corset, abeg ooo. I love it on you people and I’ll keep admiring you guys from afar.

Everythingbowenuni wrote: You guys will just wound yourselves all in the name of fashion lol 😂

Stitchdxada wrote: Which one my bims wear na😂 this kine corset wey go make you be like snub, you don’t be able to acknowledge people well, cause you’re stressed and anxious.

J_jeade wrote: God forbid that I will discomfort myself to please others 😮, abeg make she enter restroom and lose that thing before she choke up o

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng