Woman beraates those advising Chioma to leaave Davido over cheaaating

An American woman, known as @spoiled.trophy.wife on TikTok, criticizes those suggesting that Chioma should leave Davido due to his infidelity, arguing that it’s not the optimal decision for the chef. According to her, Chioma seems content to deal with her emotions in the luxury of a private jet rather than in a Keke-napep. She advises against urging Chioma to leave Davido, claiming there’s no better situation for her.

Encouraging Chioma, she suggested staying in the million-dollar Atlanta home he purchased for her in America. She urged her to continue living with him and gather evidence to pursue legal action, aiming to secure a significant portion of his wealth due to their marital status.

The woman asserts that in the event of her husband’s infidelity, she wouldn’t leave him, but rather collect evidence and secure a significant portion of his finances, a stance she has already communicated to him.

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng