“Have You Ever Seen Your prophet On Short And Shoe Gbagban Before ?” – Woli Agba Stir Massive Reaction As He Reveal How He Dressed While Stepping Out For Malaika Movie

Popular comedian, Woli Agba, is once again making waves on social media, this time with his distinctive outfit for a Malaika movie. The comedian took to his platform to engage his fans, playfully asking if they had ever seen a prophet wearing shorts and big shoes.

In anticipation of watching Toyin Abraham’s new movie, Malaika, at the cinema, Woli Agba shared his humorous take on the experience. However, the laughter didn’t stop there. In a comical twist, he revealed that he promptly fell asleep right after announcing his intention to head to the cinema.

This playful interaction with his audience showcases Woli Agba’s unique blend of humor and relatability. His willingness to poke fun at himself and embrace lighthearted moments resonates with fans, making him not only a comedian but a beloved personality in the entertainment scene.

As Woli Agba continues to entertain and engage his audience, his latest escapade to the cinema adds another chapter to his comedic journey, reminding fans to find joy in the simple and humorous aspects of life. The anticipation, the outfit revelation, and the unexpected nap all contribute to the delightful charm that Woli Agba brings to his online presence.

He wrote: Abi? Have you ever seen your prophet on short before ?
On my way to the CINEMAS. Let’s see MALAIKA together. @toyin_abraham

See social media reaction below;

I_am_goodnews wrote: Woli u promised me a ticket last week and you didn’t get back to me boss

Akanniidan1 wrote: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ‘bere lati ese’ off me 😂 but daddy your leg look like metro too much😂has anyone ever told you that?

Oluwanimilo_ wrote: That’s the Life of a city boy ❤️
Ah ah ah oye ke damo ❤️

Pelumy635 wrote: Help me with anything to feed my twins this festive season pls even if it’s raw food am a widow and struggling hard pls 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Manlikevalour wrote: The funniest part…..uve bidden a farewell and u wanna sleep again…..woli agba mapa mi now 😁😂😄😅

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng