“Plese find him for me I want to bless him”- Wizkid reaches out to little boy who impressively sang his new track, ‘Diamonds’ -VIDEO

Wizkid, the Afrobeat luminary, is gearing up for a potential massive collaboration as he extends admiration and appreciation to a young boy, @official_bigdave1, who showcased remarkable talent by energetically singing Wizkid’s latest track, ‘Diamonds.’

In a heartwarming gesture, Wizkid not only acknowledged the young boy’s impressive vibes but also took it a step further by reposting the video on his Instagram story. The ripple effect of Wizkid’s endorsement quickly spread, with numerous netizens flocking to @official_bigdave1’s page to witness the captivating performance that caught the attention of the global music sensation.

The excited young boy, grateful for the recognition from Wizkid, responded by creating another video expressing his appreciation. Wizkid, in a move that hints at a potential collaboration or special acknowledgment, invited the talented youngster to direct message (DM) him in the comment section.

This interaction not only showcases Wizkid’s generosity in acknowledging and uplifting emerging talents but also fuels speculation about a possible collaboration or support for @official_bigdave1’s budding musical journey.

As fans eagerly await further developments, the exchange between Wizkid and @official_bigdave1 exemplifies the power of social media in bridging the gap between established artists and aspiring talents, creating exciting possibilities for the future of music and collaboration in the dynamic world of entertainment.

Watch the video to witness the young boy’s impressive rendition that captured Wizkid’s attention, setting the stage for a potentially exciting journey ahead.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng