Without Husband I still dy progress, Goodness and mercy shall follow me, Actress, Wumi Toriola brags with her newly acquired brand new Range Rover

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Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola recently utilized social media to emphasize the significant impact of affirmation in her personal journey. In a compelling video shared, Wumi Toriola exudes confidence while positioned next to a lavish Range Rover vehicle. Her intention is to inspire her followers by showcasing her achievements.

Additionally, Toriola offers valuable guidance, urging her fans to fully grasp the potency of affirmation. Through her own experiences, she emphasizes the transformative influence of positive self-talk and belief in one’s abilities. By sharing her story and accomplishments, Wumi Toriola seeks to empower her audience to embrace the practice of affirming their aspirations and capabilities.
In this digital age, her message serves as a reminder of the potential of self-assurance and constructive thinking in shaping one’s reality. Toriola’s candid display of success alongside her insightful advice collectively highlight the enduring impact of self-affirmation.

She wrote, ” Let’s start today with affirmations!

I am Wumi Toriola.
I attract opportunities.
I am a magnet to the good things of life.
Goodness and mercy shall follow me.
I will not struggle for opportunities.
Opportunities will be attracted to me.
I am a money magnet.
So help me GOD
Never underestimate the power of affirmation!”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng