With The Huge Money I Pay You, You Still Release The Video On Line, Popular TikTok Star Buba Girl Shed Tears Over Her nud£ Released Video Online (Watch The Full Video)

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Prominent TikTok personality Esther Raphael, famously known as The Buba Girl, became emotional as she addressed the circulation of her viral videos.

She candidly discussed the negative repercussions these leaked videos have had on her life.

A widely spread audio message on social media captured The Buba Girl in tears, expressing her profound sadness and recounting the challenges she has faced recently.

In her heartfelt message, she revealed that she is presently unwell and emotionally drained. She detailed a distressing pattern of ongoing blackmail she has endured, where an undisclosed party coerced her into making payments, only to temporarily disappear from her life.

She further explained that the blackmailer repeatedly resurfaced, demanding money from her. Unfortunately, in this specific instance, she was unable to meet the requested financial demands, which ultimately led to the release of the videos.

Through her tears, The Buba Girl poignantly conveyed how the leaked videos have deeply affected her life.

Listen to the audio message below.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng