Why I’m Already Doing Series Based on Mohbad’s Incident, Kunle Afolayan Spill

Nigerians were deeply saddened by the untimely passing of rapper Mohbad earlier this year, sparking ongoing discussions and efforts to bring justice to his case. Notably, Nollywood film producer Kunle Afolayan shared in a recent interview with Culture Custodian that he is in the early stages of planning a series inspired by Mohbad’s tragic incident. The passing of Mohbad has left a lasting impact, and Afolayan’s intention to create a series reflects a commitment to addressing and exploring the complexities surrounding the rapper’s case.

When questioned about the recurring theme of complex characters with internal crises in his films and casting choices, Afolayan revealed that he is currently working on a series inspired by Mohbad’s incident. This project demonstrates Afolayan’s dedication to delving into human nature and the intricacies of individuals facing internal struggles. The series is expected to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing, providing a platform for reflection and understanding.

KUNLE AFOLAYAN: Recently, I did a short video about Mohbad, and there I mentioned that he acquired massive fame after he died, which is spiritual. As humans, when things happen, we tend to involve some spirituality, attributing good things to God and negative things to the Devil. In these situations, we are reluctant to think that the happenings could be the results of our own actions. This was what informed my second breakout film The Figurine, as I set out to play with people’s minds and gave the story an ambiguous ending.

I adhere to the belief that life encompasses both positive and negative aspects. Whether one chooses a virtuous or less virtuous path, the consequences are reaped not only by the individual but extend to their children and generations yet unborn. This perspective informs my approach to filmmaking, where I strive for realism by delving into themes related to religion, beliefs, and the inherent complexities of human nature. My character constructions are shaped by this understanding.

My films go beyond mere entertainment; they aim to serve as mirrors reflecting the audience’s own experiences in the characters and narratives presented. Following the tragic incident involving Mohbad, I made a conscious decision to create a film that would mirror the societal decay, particularly concerning youth culture and substance abuse. I have already commissioned a writer to develop a dynamic series centered around young people and college life.

In my view, I feel a sense of responsibility to utilize film as a powerful tool for reflection, information, and, if possible, correction. This commitment drives my storytelling, emphasizing the importance of addressing societal issues and fostering positive change through the cinematic medium.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng