Why I hide my daughter face away from social media for a long time –Bukunmi Oluwasina

During the week, actress and singer, Bukunmi Oluwasin, showed her fans the face of her daughter for the first time, as she celebrated the child’s birthday.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the actress stated that she felt her first birthday was the right occasion to show her face for the world to see. She said, “I could have posted her picture when she was still a baby, but she was still very young and I did not even have time for social media. The only thing I did was to upload posts and leave. I wanted her to be a year old before unveiling her face. Even after unveiling her face, I won’t be posting her pictures often because I don’t want to take her freedom from her. I don’t like it when my personality (or career) affects the people around me to the extent that it robs them of their freedom
“Another reason (I shared her picture) was because there were brands that wanted her as their kid ambassador.”

On what she missed when she took a break (from acting) to focus on nursing her daughter, Oluwashina said, “I missed the camera rolling. I neither make friends nor go out. I don’t attend parties either. I am an introvert. I am all about going to set, doing my job, getting paid and going back to my house. I am a family person. I have always loved the concept of family. However, I missed memorising lines in my head. I also missed the things I heard whenever we were on movie sets. I missed having enough time to record songs in the studio.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng