Why are you people not talking about my hair worth N1.8m – Laide Bakare queries critics of her dress at book launch event

Nollywood actress Laide Bakare, author of the book “Becoming Laide Bakare,” addressed online criticism regarding her attire at her recent book presentation. Despite the negativity, she exuded joy while dancing in a sky-blue knee-length gown at the event, attended by guests.

Check out Laide Bakare’s lively celebration and eye-catching outfits that sparked online scrutiny. Critics zoomed in on her makeup and the moment she energetically tossed her kimono into the crowd, questioning her makeup artist’s identity and overall presentation. Responding swiftly to critics, Laide Bakare asserted that both the outfit and skit were her own creations, emphasizing that trolls lacked insight into her vision.

The movie star then turned the tables on the critics, questioning why they weren’t discussing her luxurious 1.8 million naira human hair. In her words, “My stage performance costume had them buzzing 🤩🤣 But hold up, I wrote ✍️ the script and designed the costume. How do you suddenly know better than the creator? Engage your brains. It’s a stage play costume. Ori yin ma ti ku o. What kind of over-sabi is worrying you?🤣” In another post, she added, “But seriously, 😃 why aren’t you all talking about my 100% human hair worth nothing less than 1.8 million? Really? E da o 😃 link in my bio ☝️ NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND SELAR. start your financial Breakthrough journey Today. Hair installed by @urbanbeautyplace”

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Social media users shared their thoughts as they took to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

__tewrah said, “1.8M? Ontop head wey no correct to dress well and look good?”

morin_bobby said, “Who cares, I tot you are crying last week dat pple are hungry why can you use the hair money to feed pple around you…..hypocrisy”.

cynthia__genny said, “Omooooo…. Your glam team did you dirty… ESP the tailor & the photographer….”

im_ayowumi_ said, “We didn’t even notice your hair😂😂😂😂”.

olayinka_banky said, “How much is the book I need to read”.

pwety_charis said, “It’s so sad to see bullies everywhere, what’s exactly the trolling for? Chai! nawa o😒”.

the_phizzy said, “Waoooo beautiful woman hair👏👏👏👏”.

gbemi_shomide said, “Afi women’s hair, I never knew some people uses horses hair.Even the lilac suit is not suitable 😮. Aunty go to fashion school and take to corrections.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng