“Who God bless, no man curse” – AY Comedian shows off newly renovated mansion months after fire accident (Video)

Nigerian comedian AYodeji Richard Makun, popularly known as AY Comedian, has showcased a stunning renovation of his Lagos mansion, which suffered fire damage several months ago.

In August 2023, the multimillion-dollar property was engulfed in flames, yet fortunately, AY and his family were abroad on vacation, ensuring their safety.

Despite the setback, AY demonstrated remarkable resilience, expressing gratitude on social media for his family’s safety and underscoring the importance of faith and family bonds.

Just months after the unfortunate incident, AY Makun has successfully reconstructed his property, sparing no expense to give it a refreshed appearance.

Renowned for his standout performances in blockbuster movies, AY Comedian shared a video on Facebook revealing the beautifully refurbished property, now even more enchanting than before.

The captivating video that went viral showcased the stunning transformation of the recently renovated mansion, featuring amenities such as a standard pool, expansive walk-in closet, cinema, office, gym, glass floors, and a spacious garage, among others. Social media users praised the comedian’s wife, who is an interior designer, for her excellent work on the new apartment, expressing their admiration through comments on the post.

Watch the video:

Read some reactions below:

Felenaluxuryhair said, “Let’s give his wife some credits too ❤️❤️❤️ She is good at what she does.” 

Yhulukluvly said, “When you marry an interior designer❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

vilmanaturalherbs said, “In all your getting in this life get money I know it’s vanity and I know it’s not everything but please get it congratulations .” 

yskid_contents said, “I pray one day comedy will take me as far as I pray for.” 

ashawomassage_city said, “Beautiful house, but let’s ask ourselves, how long will you leave in this beautiful house, for the lord has prepared a mansion for us up above , don’t die in vanity , but remember the lord ya God, the creator of heaven and of earth, the giver of the breath of love , the maker of souls.”

Chef_ivyjones1 said, “Money dey na . … congratulations my people ❤”.

Okoro.q said, “Thank you JESUS, affliction shall never arise again the second time Amen.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng