Who Carry Aunty Ramota Go Spa, Funny Moment As Anty Ramota Visit Spa (Watch)

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The video showcasing socialite and content creator Aunty Ramota undergoing a beauty treatment at a spa has sparked various reactions from social media users.

The footage captures Aunty Ramota relishing a spa session while a spa attendant delicately applies a beauty cream to her face.

In the video, viewers observed that Aunty Ramota received a manicure while simultaneously having a white facial cream applied. Later in the clip, she could be seen reclining on a massage bed with cucumber slices placed over her eyes, all part of her beauty routine.

Watch the video below:

The online-shared video has ignited a range of responses, with social media users sharing their various opinions on the matter.

Read some comments below.

@Esexsaybby commented, “Omg 😂 anytime person post am na always something funny 😂😂 God bless her”.

@Kingshida also said, “Lord have mercy. I don’t think this spa would help her face. God forgive me o”.

@Beredible: “That part of cucumber on her eyes, may God forgive me for my thoughts 🙏”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng