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Which Buriial Challenge Be This, Reaction As Man Buriies Himself Alive For 7 Days In Coffiin In Attempt To Break Record (Video)

In an effort to shatter the record, James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson, an American better known by his stage name MrBeast, has spent seven days straight burying himself alive inside a specially made coffin.

The goal of this action was to beat his own record of fifty hours, which he achieved as part of a deforestation awareness campaign two years previously.

MrBeast was seen holding a bunch of red roses in a video posted to his YouTube channel. He was wearing a suit, white shirt, and tie as he got ready to spend a whole week buried under 20,000 pounds of soil.

The 25-year-old philanthropist said that he has never tried something as “scariest” as this. Although the custom made coffin had supplies for food and water to keep MrBeast going throughout the challenge, it also severely restricted his range of motion.

He was always being watched by cameras and lighting within the coffin, and he used walkie-talkies to converse to friends who were above ground.

As the week went on, MrBeast experienced physical difficulties, such as back pain from extended lying down, which raised the possibility of blood clots.

But he stressed that the main battle was psychological, with occasional emotional upheaval that his friends tried to lighten with humor.

MrBeast was eventually dug up after completing the 7-day burial challenge, despite the risks.

He described having a blood rush when he stood up for the first time in a video that caught the event.

“Please don’t try this at home, lol,” Mr. Beast warned viewers as he ended the video.

Watch the video below: