“What’s Aunty Ramota feeling like exactly ” – Reactions as Aunty Ramota snubs Aunty Ajara on set

Actress Aunty Ramota has faced criticism on social media for her alleged inappropriate behavior with her coworker, Aunty Ajara, during a filming scene.

In the viral video, Aunty Ajara is depicted standing near Aunty Ramota, seemingly seeking her attention.

Other coworkers are seen encouraging Aunty Ramota to reciprocate the greeting after observing Aunty Ajara’s attempt to do so on set.

Social media users have criticized actress Aunty Ramota for acting inappropriately with her coworker Aunty Ajara while they were filming a scene.

In a widely shared video, Aunty Ramota was seated, and Aunty Ajara was standing close by, beckoning her.

coworkers on the set saw the small actress make an effort to greet Aunty Ramota, and they jumped in, pushing Ramota to do the same.

Aunty Ramota’s colleagues dragged her for her actions and for turning down Aunty Ajara’s offer to the filming location, as she wore a furious look and forcefully refused to greet her.

After seeing the video on the internet, many criticized Aunty Ramota for her demeanor and seeming conceit.

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng