What Naira Marley did when Iyabo Ojo tried to sleeep with him, Popular Blogger alleges

VeryDarkMan’s recent claims have sparked intense online discussions and debates. In a video, he raised questions about Iyabo Ojo’s intentions for criticizing Naira Marley, drawing attention to her daughter’s involvement. By sharing an old video of the singer presenting Iyabo with a bouquet, VeryDarkMan suggested a closer relationship than many might have assumed. He also alluded to rumors of Iyabo’s alleged intentions to have a romantic encounter with Naira Marley, insinuating that both Iyabo and her daughter Priscy might be responsible for damaging the singer’s reputation.

Furthermore, VeryDarkMan criticized Iyabo Ojo for what he perceived as her vendetta against Naira Marley, claiming that she was delaying justice for the late singer Mohbad and that there was no concrete evidence or case against Naira Marley regarding allegations of bullying or harassing Mohbad.

These allegations from VeryDarkMan have triggered heated online debates, with some individuals supporting his claims and others vehemently criticizing him for making unfounded accusations. Social media has been buzzing with discussions and opinions on the matter. Supporters of VeryDarkMan argue that Iyabo Ojo’s actions might be hypocritical, while critics emphasize the importance of substantiated claims and responsible discourse. You can watch the video below to get a better understanding of the context.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng