What is happening here, just because of $1o0o? Video as Nigerians jump on Oyimo challenge by Yungi Duu and Carter Efe, roll on the floor and dirty water (Watch Now)

Today, on November 11, 2023, marked the commencement of the Oyimo Challenge, inspired by the popular Nigerian comedian and singer, Carter Efe. As a result, the song “Oyimo” has rapidly gained widespread attention, going viral across various platforms. To jog your memory, Carter Efe and Young Duu, the former protege of Portable, are the creators of the beloved track “Oyimo,” as previously reported by Intel Region.

When “Oyimo” was released on November 8, 2023, it struck a chord with listeners, capturing their hearts and rapidly climbing the ranks on the Apple Music chart due to its high replay value. Taking to his verified Instagram page today, Carter Efe engaged in promotional activities for the song “Oyimo” and revealed an exciting incentive – a reward of approximately $1000, equivalent to N1 million in Nigerian currency, to be distributed among the top three participants.

Carter Efe introduced the #Oyimochallenge for $1000, intending to explore the depths of people’s spiritual expressions when expressing gratitude to God. He asserted that the song is of a Christian nature, and this challenge is an opportunity to witness the diverse and heartfelt ways in which individuals praise the Almighty. The Oyimo Challenge promises to be an engaging and inspiring journey for those who participate, as they share their expressions of gratitude and faith through the power of music.

In a video, Carter Efe used himself as an example, explaining the rules of the Oyimo Challenge. He humorously mentioned that he wants participants to “roll like a roll-on” and humorously promised to reward the best three “rollers” with the grand prize of $1000.

Carter Efe encouraged participants of the #Oyimochallenge to tag him and Young Duu in their videos, ensuring their entries would be considered for the competition. In his video’s caption, Carter Efe provided clear instructions, writing: “Oyinmo rolling Challenge Activated! $1000. Make sure you use the hashtag #oyinmochallenge. Tag me and @official_young_duu in all your videos. Leggo.”

With these instructions, Carter Efe has set the stage for an exciting challenge that will undoubtedly see creative and entertaining entries from participants eager to showcase their “rolling” skills. The Oyimo Challenge promises to be a fun and engaging experience for all those who choose to participate.

Swiftly, Nigerians have started jumping on the Oyimo challenge kickstarted by Carter Efe as many are already seen rolling on the floor, sands, and dirty water among others so as to be part of the top 3 winners of the $1000. Watch videos below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng