What I know is that I am a child of God who loves ministry, Reaction as Wumi Toriola reveals an unknown fact about herself

Nollywood actress and producer, Wumi Toriola, has recently opened up about a previously undisclosed aspect of her life. The single mother, in a candid revelation, expressed her deep love for God and her passion for ministry. She identified herself as a child of God and made it clear that she genuinely cherishes the realm of ministry.

In addition to this revelation, Wumi Toriola also gave her fans and followers a sneak peek into her upcoming film project. She urged those interested in a relationship with her to consider her strong connection to God and her dedication to ministry.

As she mentioned, her film project is something to anticipate, and she encouraged everyone to enjoy her content, particularly “Twin 1/2” on YouTube. She wrapped up her message by expressing her optimism for November, suggesting that it will be a remarkable month where their expectations will be met and exceeded. It’s a heartfelt and spiritually centered message from the actress, sharing her faith and upcoming work with her audience.

In response to her recent post, many of her fans playfully poked fun at her outfit. The movie star was spotted in the video wearing a combination of a gown, suit, and hat, which led to some lighthearted comments.

Annabel Momma humorously remarked, “Mummy pastor, your Mary Amaka outfit is quite something.”

Bettie Smile joined in, saying, “Someone should give this woman her flowers because, what on earth is this?”

Omotolani Ayobami inquired, “Where did Aunt Wunmi find this coat? You’re an absolute clown.”

Dera Sanmi pointed out, “Look at Mummy G.O’s shoe.”

Symply couldn’t help but jest, “Aunty Wumi, what’s going on? I can’t wait for this movie, honestly.”

Beauty Bymoo humorously asked, “What’s going on here, Aunty Wunmi?”

Yetty Gold inquired, “Please, where did you find this hat and coat?”

Khennie joined in, “But where did you find this type of suit? It suits you, though.”

King Ybmm playfully noted, “Even in a religious role, you can’t leave your character behind.”

Wumi isn’t the only celebrity who openly expresses their love for God. It’s all in good fun as her fans share their thoughts on her outfit choice in a playful manner.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng