“What Can I See, My God Will Bless You All”- Bimbo Ademoye Shower Praise On Her Producing Team As Her Movie Hit 4.3Million On YouTube Within 5Days

Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye, producer of the recent YouTube film “Unexpected Places,” expressed her gratitude on social media to her production team. She lauded everyone involved, including the writer @theunstoppablejennie and the soundtrack composer @progressofficial_, who generously contributed without charge, along with many others whose efforts contributed to the success of the movie.

She wrote: APPRECIATION POST!!. I have a long list of people to say thank you to. Starting from all of you who have made Unexpected places a huge success (we’re now on 4.3 million views in 5 days and I believe we’re still going far ) ..

When I reached out to my writer @theunstoppablejennie to help rewrite the script , I knew I wanted an original song …. I already got one but for some reason I wanted more.

Out of nowhere @progressofficial_ reached out. He said , I see you’re working on a movie, if you need soundtrack, I can be of help . I was shocked because I spoke to God and in less than 24 hours progress reached out. Asin THE progress, yes , the Nigerian idol winner. Progress finished the song in less than a week, despite the shortest possible notice AT NO COST AT ALL. I kept asking “progress how much ” .I was afraid he’d call millions because I mean he is THE PROGRESS. We had exceeded budget , but he said not a dime, I just want to do this for you . Guys pls help me bombard progress with thank you , because that soundtrack moved the movie from 1-1000. @progressofficial_ THANK YOU

@iamvanilla_ice is like a sister to me, always one call away, she did the soundtrack for my very first movie “Lola’s gift ” so when I reached out to her , she said hold my phone amd sent me a sample in less than an hour . Nne Daalu, I love you and I do not take your love for granted. I asked how much it would cost , @ijeomagraceagu said she said you should just pay for studio which was almost nothing. I love you sis and I’m so grateful.

Last but not the least my editor @oxygen71 .Emeka may the heavens bless you , may God bless you. We stayed up all Night, i would sneak to go sleep for like 30 minutes, but you kept working , until I uploaded you didn’t rest, even when network was showing us shege, you carried the laptop outside and raised it up so network would comes faster 😂🤣🤣. This is not our first all night rodeo , but you have never broken down for once , na only chewing gum or sweet you need. I appreciate you my brother, my number 1! On your mandate (inside joke) 😀🤣😅.


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng