What are these people turning Islam to? Man reacts to video of an Islam cleric performing miracle on a physically-challenged lady (Watch)

A Nigerian lecturer has voiced his strong disapproval of a video circulating on the internet, depicting an Islamic cleric performing a seemingly unorthodox miracle during an Asalatu prayer service. In the video, Sheik Biliaminu Ola Adua, the Islamic cleric in question, is shown healing a woman with physical disabilities in a manner that deviates from traditional Muslim prayer practices.

The viral video captures the Islamic cleric raising the disabled woman from a white chair and proceeding to walk her around the vicinity as part of the purported miracle. What stands out is the unorthodox behavior of the assembled crowd, who are seen singing and chanting “Yarobi Isa,” which translates to “The God of prophet Isa/Jesus Christ.” This departure from conventional Islamic prayer rituals has sparked controversy and garnered attention online.

Subsequently, they transitioned to church songs accompanied by the rhythmic beating of drums, creating an atmosphere more akin to entertainment than traditional Islamic prayer. This continued for a period until the lady reportedly lost her ability to walk again. At this point, the Islamic cleric placed his hands on her head and resumed the miraculous act.

Responding to the video, a user on the X platform, previously known as Twitter, identified as Sanusi Lafiagi, expressed strong disapproval of the spectacle, deeming it inappropriate and potentially detrimental to the image of the Islamic religion. In his words, “What are these people turning Islam into?” His reaction highlights concerns about the deviation from traditional Islamic practices seen in the video.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng