We No Need Army Again Agemo Is Here for us, Video of Agemo’s action movies in Jagun Jagun breaks internet (Watch)

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A specific sequence from the movie “Jagun Jagun,” where Femi Adebayo’s character rallies his formidable assassin, Agemo, to join his warriors on the battlefield, has ignited a spectrum of responses among viewers. The power of cinema is evident as this particular scene prompts diverse discussions across social media platforms.

The riveting moment in “Jagun Jagun,” where Femi Adebayo’s character beckons his mighty assassin, Agemo, to unite with his forces on the battleground, has sparked an array of reactions within the online community. It’s captivating to observe the varied audience engagement evoked by this pivotal instance in the film.

The official Netflix Naija page shared a video showcasing a compelling excerpt from “Jagun Jagun,” wherein Agemo, adorned in a mesmerizing masquerade ensemble, emerges on the battlefield and masterfully confronts Femi’s adversaries single-handedly. This extraordinary sequence undeniably captures the attention of the audience.

Accompanied by the caption, “Who needs an army when Agemo is there? #JagunJagun.”

View the captivating video below:

The character Agemo became a trending topic on Twitter, with some Nigerians praising the actress behind the attire, Bukunmi Oluwasina, and the movie’s crew. Interestingly, there were also suggestions that this formidable assassin should lend his skills to the country in a real war. The scene seems to have sparked a mix of admiration and creative discussions among viewers.

Some reactions are shown below:

tobbiematthew said, “Agemo and Niger Republic.”

trapdrac007 said, “Marvel should not steal our agemo o.”

theakinakinboye said, “Agemo with the moves!”

AdeBadejo7 said, “The narration & the execution of the fight scenes gave that “300” feeling. Tight.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng