We Know It Will Happen, Reaction As Carter Efe’s Claim Full Owner Of Young Duu Song ‘Oyinmo’ On All Streaming Platform (pictures)

Carter Efe, the renowned comedian, stirred controversy by uploading Young Duu’s music on various streaming platforms, omitting Young Duu and crediting himself as the sole owner.

The news quickly spread across Boomplay, Apple Store, and Spotify, prompting him to remove it swiftly to evade social media scrutiny.

Olamide, the hip-hop singer, disclosed on Twitter that Carter Efe removed the music only from Apple Music.

She urges Nigerians to exercise patience to determine whether it was a mistake on his part or an intentional act.

Enraged fans exposed Carter Efe, citing a similar incident with Machala’s song where the actual singer received only 30% of the profits.

Wahala Network reported the removal of “Oyinmo” on Apple Music, attributing it to a mistake in the owner’s name.

Confusion ensues. 😳🏃🏽‍♂️

See His Post Below;

Social media is ablaze with anger in the comments section:

Ogbon_dwise: Education is key; remember how Poco did Portable for Zazu? What’s really going on?

Agbomejitunde: They can’t pay him for the collabo because it’s his song. They just want control over royalties, leaving the poor boy with nothing.

Just_pand02: Seems he mistakenly tagged the wrong person on Spotify; that might explain why it’s still there.

Olusegunolosco: The percentage might end up being 90-10 in the long run. 😂 He should create an account for the boy, another Pocolee in the making. 😂😂😂

Dme_auto: Carter Efe, what you did is clear for everyone to see. Are you even a better person?

Iam.dozie: This is his usual pattern. Remember how he tried to claim Machala’s song alone? Greedy clout chaser. 😒🚶‍♂️

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng