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Is it by mistake or Internationally, Watch moment Korra Obidi’s mum lowered dancer’s dress to cover her expoosed body in new video (Watch)

Renowned Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has set social media abuzz with a provocative dance video that features interactions with her foster mother, creating a stir and sparking a wave of reactions online.

The talented dancer, known for her unique and captivating dance moves, recently celebrated her birthday and shared a video of the festivities on social media. In the trending video, Korra Obidi showcased her distinct dance style, incorporating bold movements that included lifting one leg and exposing her thighs.

The provocative nature of the dance caught the attention of viewers, and as her backside was nearly exposed, her foster mother swiftly intervened, pulling down her dress to prevent any unintended exposure. This unexpected moment added a touch of spontaneity and authenticity to the video, creating a talking point among netizens.

The video has become a trending topic, with social media users expressing a range of reactions. Some applauded Korra Obidi for her confidence and dance skills, while others engaged in discussions about the boundaries of public exposure on social media.

Korra Obidi’s ability to spark conversations and capture attention through her performances is a testament to her influence in the entertainment industry. The trending video not only showcases her artistic expression but also highlights the dynamics of her relationship with her foster mother, adding a layer of personal connection to the public persona.

As the video continues to circulate online, it serves as a reminder of the diverse ways artists engage with their audience and the nuances of sharing personal moments on social media. The reactions generated demonstrate the impact of social media in shaping conversations around entertainment and individual expression.

See how netizens reacted …

Style_kulture wrote: “Don’t throw away the baby and the bath water!!!

I love mothers….be anything you want to be,they’ll love you like that while praying for a better version of you. She won’t kill her exposing so much skin on the internet but she’ll try to cover her nakedness for this one she’s doing right in front of her 😁
Aaaah!!! Mothers are lovable”

olarewaju_debbie remarked: “It’s her selfless mother’s love for me! You can tell that irrespective of how negative you people feel about her, she’s got a mother’s genuine and non judgmental love 🔥🙌❤️😍”

shedrach_okoro noted: “Women supporting women, even she’s naked una go still support 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄”

ka_chee penned: “Mummy still dey cover her body… Happy birthday Ma”

Watch the video below …