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“Toyin Too The Liie, I’m the Only One in the Cinema”: Video Of The Only Lady In Cinemas Watching Toyin Abraham’s Movie Malaika Trend

A Ghanaian lady’s video expressing her frustration at being the sole contributor to the box office revenue for Toyin Abraham’s movie “Malaika” in a cinema in Ghana sheds light on the persistent challenges associated with movie piracy.

The incident has ignited discussions regarding the detrimental effects of piracy on the entertainment industry, emphasizing the urgent need for robust measures to safeguard the intellectual property rights of filmmakers.

The lady recounted her experience, sharing that she had attended the cinema with friends, but they collectively opted to watch Funke Akindele’s “A Tribe of Judah” instead of Toyin Abraham’s “Malaika.” This choice was influenced by the belief that they had already seen Funke Akindele’s new movie.

The video underscores the harsh reality faced by filmmakers in combating piracy, which not only affects box office earnings but also shapes viewers’ preferences based on accessibility and perceived value. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing battle against intellectual property theft within the entertainment industry.

As social media buzzes with reviews of both Funke Akindele’s and Toyin Abraham’s recent movies, the Ghanaian lady’s experience highlights the tangible impact of piracy on film distribution and consumer choices. It reinforces the call for comprehensive measures to combat piracy, ensuring that filmmakers receive their due recognition and compensation for their creative endeavors.

The cinematic landscape, as depicted in this incident, necessitates a collective effort from stakeholders, including filmmakers, distributors, and policymakers, to establish and enforce robust mechanisms that protect the integrity of the industry. Only through such concerted actions can the film industry thrive and continue to provide audiences with quality, original content.

Ghanaian lady laments as she watches Toyin Abraham’s Malaika alone

In a clip, the lady shared images of her being the only one in the theatre who paid to watch Malaika.

She noted that everyone at the cinemas with her had chosen to watch A Tribe Called Judah.

After showing images of the empty seats in the hall, she also gave her thoughts about the movie while begging Ghanaians to watch Toyin Abraham’s new film

Watch the lady’s video below:


i’m the only person here watching Malaika. 🇬🇭lady . . #Malaika is a very interesting one as well. I just watched Malika and the movie is nice I can’t even lie . Funke Akindele | Burna | Zino | #ATribeCalledJudah #trending #trustedblog1 #moots? #moots #mootstrustedblog1

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See how netizens reacted to the clip

Here are some of the reactions that trailed the viral clip:

@hennie_t: “Last year I was hyping Ijakumo here & there … Went to see the movie regardless of how expensive it was, cos it was toyin abraham This year i go watch A Tribe Called Judah jeje, she don kuku tell us say people whey dey watch her movie na grassroot people… Why i go waste my hard earned money to go watch her movie when grass root people mount.”

@mrs_mahia: “Atleast she fit don get her money back d movie sell reach 104m.. make she hold body.. Even if it enters Netflix I stil won’t watch.. ijakumo gan I no fit try am.”

@abieslove: “I think the timing of these their release is a problem…Why release your movie all at the same time? Sometimes it’s good to be strategic.”

@damilolaaaaaaaaa: “Dem go join u before d movie finish, thanks for supporting Asiwaju baby Na we nigerians no wetin we dey go tru hia.”