Veteran Actress Sola Sobowale Finally Speaks On Drug Smuuggling And Why She Was Arrested in Saudi Arabia

Nigerian actress Sola Sobowale is setting the record straight on some of the most outrageous rumors about her. She addressed false claims including being amputated in Saudi Arabia, becoming a heroin smuggler, washing excrement in London, and selling e-ba, and here’s what she had to say about it all.

Speaking and clearing the air about stories written about her, Sola Sobowale said:

SOLA SOBOWALE: So many negative things have been written about me and some people ask me Sola, how do you have such tough skin? And my response is that as far as I am at peace with God, then I am good. When I was in UK doing my thing, they wrote a lot of things in Nigerian newspapers: “from grace to grass”, that Sola Sobowale lives in London and sells eba in restaurant, that Sola Sobowale is now a cleaner in London, washing poo, cleaning bottom. It was written about me. Still nice, that was still work, because I can make eba so if I go to obodo oyibo and be selling eba, I make my money, it’s no problem. If I wash bumbum, it’s no problem, I’m making my money.

But the worst lie of all: that Sola Sobowale was killed in Saudi Arabia. Newspapers reported that they killed me in Saudi Arabia. That I carried cocaine. It was written in this Nigeria, that I carried cocaine in Saudi Arabia which got me arrested and there, they amputated my leg and my hands. And that I said to them, “Please I’m a star in Nigeria, because of that, just kill me and be done with it” so they killed me.

So when I got to Nigeria, at the airport, they just went berserk. Like “Ah! They said Sola Sobowale is dead na!” And I said, “do you believe in abracadabra?” They said yes. So I said “I have committed everything back, that’s why I’m here” [laughs]. I said, “look, I’m alive.” I have never been to Saudi Arabia before. I don’t even know where Saudi Arabia is on the map. So how would I get there, or how will they kill me there? There have been so many negative things written about me but to God be the glory, God has compensated me beautifully.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng