Veteran Actor Ogogo Responds To Rumours Of Him Acquiring A New House

Veteran Nigerian actor Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as Ogogo, has taken a firm stand against recent rumors making rounds on social media. These rumors claim that he had recently acquired a new house and was generously sponsoring a job offer or giveaway opportunity in the UK. Ogogo, in a statement, clarified that these rumors are entirely baseless and urged the public to dismiss them.

The actor expressed his awareness of the buzz generated by these rumors, especially the congratulatory messages he had received regarding the alleged new house and job offer. However, he categorically denied both claims, emphasizing that they hold no truth whatsoever.

Ogogo used this opportunity to stress the importance of differentiating authentic information from unfounded social media gossip, especially in the era of widespread information sharing on various online platforms. He took the time to reassure his loyal fans and followers that he had not made any recent real estate purchases and had no involvement in any job or giveaway offers in the UK.

In his own words, he cautioned, “Beware ⚠️ Beware ⚠️⚠️ Beware ⚠️⚠️⚠️ It has been drawn to my knowledge that news and job offers have been circulating on social media. Firstly, I would like to debunk the congratulatory news of a new house. Neither am I sponsoring any giveaway or job in the UK. Please disregard, and help me share. Obviously, it’s the age of social media, and these little things matter. Thank you. Modupe. As the birthday wishes continue, let’s be cautious.”

Ogogo’s statement serves as a reminder of the need to exercise caution and discernment in an age where social media can quickly propagate false information and unfounded claims.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng