Verydarkman leaks last DM he received from Junior Pope, regrets snubbing him

“Verydarkman, the controversial socialite, shares the final message from the late actor, Junior Pope, expressing regret for not responding, prior to the tragic boat accident that claimed their lives during a movie shoot.”

Verydarkman disclosed that prior to his passing, Junior Pope had sent him a message in February that carried a sense of urgency. The message conveyed Junior Pope’s desire to have a conversation with him, man to man. Despite reading the message, Verydarkman chose not to respond. Instead, he merely took a screenshot and took no further action. He conveyed regret over his actions and acknowledged that he should have responded differently had he anticipated the outcome.

Verydarkman wrote:

“I regret and feel bad for ignoring jnr pope dm,! feel more worst when | look at these videos online,how they took him to the native doctor instead of the hospital,how the testimonies from the eye witnesses doesn’t make no sense,the yeye Fanta sacrifice,the guy that said he called his spiritual mother before they went on set,…..anyways God gives God takes(nothing makes sense about his kpai an this doesn’t feel like it’s a natural cause”

Watch the video below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng