Unto person wey I no even remember say e come life, Yomi Fabiyi’s baby mama, Grace Jimoh, shares messages sent to her by Yomi’s alleged new girlfriend

Grace Jimoh, the baby mama of Nigerian actor Yomi Fabiyi has called the actor’s new alleged girlfriend.

Grace Jimoh took to social media to share WhatsApp messages showcasing a heated exchange between her and the alleged new woman.

In the screenshots shared on social media, the alleged girlfriend, accompanied by her sister, launched into a scathing tirade against Grace Jimoh.

They accused her of persistently engaging with Yomi Fabiyi despite their separation, expressing disdain for her continued communication with the Nollywood actor.

See the video below:

Recalls that a few months ago, despite their separation Grace Jimoh took to her social media account to proudly celebrates Yomi Fabiyi.

Grace Jimoh shared a video of Yomi Fabiyi doing father’s duties for their son, Akorede and praised her ex for being an excellent father to their son.

She expressed how Yomi Fabiyi cares for their son and wishes Akorede would learn from his father to become the best.

She wrote, “When people do good, let’s appreciate them. To be candid, Yomi has been a great father so far.

When I look at the way he loves our son, I feel so blessed 🥹. Because I know what it is to have a child without fatherly love, care and attention. I can categorically tell you that, Yomi has been absolutely the best father anyone could wish for.

@akorede_imoleayo_ is blessed to have him as a father 🥰 and as a mentor when it comes to playing a fatherly role. He honestly needs to learn this from his father. 😊😊

Note: I am not saying this to get anyone’s attention or because of anything. I am only appreciating the fact that my son is blessed irrespective of our mistakes and shortcomings.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng