“unbelievable, She No Small For This World Na”- Jubilation as Kunle Afolayan star Aunty Ramota in Anikulapo movie

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Continuing his sentiments, Olootu conveyed his frustration, highlighting that Osupa’s ascent to fame and prosperity resulted in his own sidelining and even being treated as a foe.

Recounting the past, he shared, “Our meticulous planning unfolded at my Oluyole residence, spurred by Saheed’s revelation of Baba’s (Barrister’s) impending birthday event.

I suggested he arrange for a crown prior to Baba’s arrival, entrusting the remaining details to me. When we unveiled the crown to Baba, his amazement was evident, and he could only express his dilemma.”

“Saheed’s popularity and wealth surged following this coronation, making him an ever-present figure. Yet, I, the architect behind this undertaking, found myself at odds with everyone. My intentions were sincere, and my affection for Saheed was genuine.

However, in the present day, he showers gifts on others generously, while the struggles we endured together during his humble beginnings remain forgotten.”

Can you identify this individual?

“Anikulapo-Rise of the Spectre is on its way.”

Enthusiastic supporters of Kunle Afolayan and Aunty Ramota enthusiastically engaged in the comments section, sharing their excitement.

A fan group of Mercy Eke commented, “Auntie Ramata, this will be enjoyable.”

One devoted Abba fan added, “Wow, how did they manage with Auntie Ramota on set?”

Kosemani exclaimed, “Aunty Ramota on Netflix, that’s amazing!”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng