“Una go crry shege” Bobrisky lashes out at netizens following his breaast surrgery announcement.

Bobrisky boldly addressed netizens today, teasing them without reservation as he confirmed his decision to undergo breast surgery. The Lagos-based socialite emphasized his unwavering commitment to authenticity, declaring that no external opinions can sway his personal choices. In the caption accompanying his post, Bobrisky playfully hinted at potential plans for a sex reassignment, cheekily taunting those who may envy the idea of enhancing their breasts.

Recall that a few days ago, Bobrisky announced that he has gotten breast surgery. Bobrisky also took to social media to share tips on what people need to do, should they decide to get breast surgery.

His recent post in which he taunted netizens could be a reaction to the backlash he may have gotten from announcing his breast surgery. Bobrisky is not a newcomer to public backlash, and he has often rode the wave without backing down.

This isn’t Bobrisky’s first rodeo with plastic surgery, as he announced a while back that he got butt enhancement surgery. During that time, he shared some videos of the aftermath of the alleged plastic surgery.

As an outspoken celebrity, there is a high possibility that Bobrisky will speak on this breast surgery matter again, because netizens are often relentless on matters like this. The fact that he keeps responding to comments about his surgery also fuels the drama.

There is no certainty as to who Bobrisky is trolling at the moment, because his message is generic and points no fingers against no particular person. It is possible that this is a defense mechanism against negative comments, which are bound to pop up because it is a delicate issue. In situations like this, netizens are bound to air their opinions, and it is best to recognize the fact that some of them will not be nice. Bobrisky has grown tough skin against a such comments, but he’s not one to back down without a fight.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng