“Una dey intentionally dey provoke this woman” – Outrage as Aunty Ramota clashes with client over payment issues(Video)

Concerns have arisen among fans regarding renowned Nollywood actress Aunty Ramota, following a contentious interaction with a client who threatened to withhold payment until the job was completed.

This incident comes in the wake of the actress recently facing criticism for snubbing a colleague on a movie set, drawing attention once again.

In a viral video, Aunty Ramota could be seen engaged in a heated argument over the phone, with a voice in the background insisting on a payment plan that did not align with the actress’s preferences.

The client expressed his intention to withhold payment until the actress completed the task, which visibly unsettled Aunty Ramota as she attempted to negotiate.

Netizens have condemned the client for intentionally provoking the actress and exacerbating her frustration, particularly considering her special needs.

ms_leemart said: “They mostly trigger this lady for content knowing fully well she has special needs & is short tempered and it so unfair.”

angel_ray_phyna penned: “She too dey Aggressive make them leave her make she go dey suffer, I don’t like that she’s very aggressive 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

hez_just_a_friend opined: “She’s tired of the fame, make unna just leave am na, must unna video?”

lizzy.oyeleye wrote: “Always angry na why she stop to dey download from 20%😏😏😏.”

ajgodspower said: “Una dey intentionally dey provoke this woman 😂😂..but be like she get anger issues o 😂.”

majorityin_heaven23 wrote: “Auntie Ramota and anger issue na 5&6😂😂😂😂but how she come carry plasma TV 🤣.”

Watch the video below …

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng