“Toyin was not happy and complained that Tobi Makinde didn’t get a nomination, She really loves Funke”- Toyin Abraham best friend defend her after fans drag her over Funke Akindele loss

Popular blogger and actor Mjay has recently used his social media platform to support his friend Toyin Abraham, who faced criticism from fans after expressing joy over Funke Akindele’s nomination loss. In a recent post, he shared his enjoyment of watching “A Tribe Called Judah” for the second time, following its successful cinema run.

I was so impressed with the quality of work Funke Akindele put into it that I had to call her. After the call I left a message again to say it was one of the best films ever made in Nigeria (Argue with yourself if you doubt it).
I was rooting for ATCJ to win at least one award. Those close to me or Toyin would have heard her complained that Tobi Makinde didn’t get a nomination.

And I felt Funke should have gotten a mention for such feat she pulled at the box office earlier this year. AMVCA erred on that, for breaking such a record and she did that for the whole industry, any form of recognition at an industry event wouldn’t have been bad.

AMVCA, an award organization, didn’t recognize Kemi Adetiba for “King of Boys” or nominate Femi Adebayo for his performance in “Jagun-Jagun,” or Yvonne Jegede for her supporting role in “Adire.” What actions can we take regarding this oversight?

Some individuals seem to thrive on turning events like yesterday’s into points of contention between Toyin and Funke, adding a negative spin to positive moments. Congratulations, you’ve made it onto Instablog!

When Toyin congratulated people on the AMVCA, I anticipated that some would misinterpret her post, especially certain blogs with ulterior motives. I suggested she modify her post to focus on congratulating Femi Adebayo to avoid any misinterpretation.

Why is a congratulatory message to the head of Africa Magic being interpreted as hate speech? Toyin isn’t the only one congratulating Africa Magic, so why single her out? Let’s move away from the idea that progress requires enmity.

To those fixated on perpetuating rivalry between Toyin and Funke, I hope that becomes your legacy when your time comes.

While others strive to break records, some seem content with the thankless task of trolling. What a remarkable achievement indeed!

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng