“I hope you don’t spill everything” – Toyin Lawani’s husband, Segun Wealth drops cryptic post after she called out gay men

Segun Wealth, the husband of celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani, has sparked intrigue and concern with a series of cryptic posts on social media following his wife’s recent comments about deceit in marriages and her statements about gay men.

Toyin Lawani had addressed the issue of deceit in marriages and called out gay men, expressing her concern about the normalization of getting married with children while engaging in relationships with men around Lagos.

In response, Segun Wealth took to his Instagram page with a string of messages, seemingly addressing an anonymous user and pleading with them not to expose him. He expressed feelings of depression and revealed the strain he is under, emphasizing his plea for the undisclosed secret to be protected.

In his messages, Segun Wealth also criticized bloggers and netizens who may perceive his situation as a publicity stunt or an attempt to promote a song. He clarified that he is not using the platform to promote any specific song, refuting claims of clout-chasing and insisting that he is going through a challenging time.

The posts create a sense of mystery and speculation surrounding Segun Wealth’s personal circumstances, prompting fans and followers to engage in discussions and share their opinions on social media platforms. The public nature of these messages adds another layer to the unfolding narrative surrounding the couple and raises questions about the complexities of personal relationships in the public eye.

He wrote: “I feel so down now, I hope you don’t spill everything after I opened up to you. The pressure is just too much. Please I’m doing it for US”.

“I’m trying to focus, please. Bloggers with fake accounts let me be. I’m not even trying to promote any song here. If you think I’m trying to promote Dodo then you don’t follow me enough to know that even before the release I’ve been promoting it. So get lost and find yourself.”

“If I want to promote a song now sef it won’t be Dodo. Have you heard of my recent works? Featured Seven different A-list artists in several bangers. No worry.”


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng