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‘I dont care what people think, I’m World’s Best Actress’ – Toyin Abraham brags after being dragged by fans

In a recent interview with skitmaker Bae U Barbi, Nollywood sensation Toyin Abraham left no room for doubt as she confidently embraced the title of the “World’s Best Actress,” a designation bestowed upon her by her admirers and fans. This bold proclamation not only showcased Toyin’s self-assured demeanor but also reflected the immense love and support she commands in the entertainment industry.

Addressing the origin of the title, Toyin Abraham clarified that it wasn’t a self-imposed accolade but a recognition given to her by those who appreciate her craft. This distinction adds a layer of humility to her assertion, emphasizing that the title was earned through the acknowledgment and admiration of her audience.

Toyin’s assertion of being the “World’s Best Actress” wasn’t solely rooted in confidence but also grounded in the recognition of her beauty and talent. Her acknowledgment of both attributes contributes to the narrative surrounding her multifaceted skills and charisma in the film industry.

As the news of Toyin Abraham’s bold claim circulates, fans and fellow industry professionals are likely to engage in discussions about the subjective nature of such titles. Regardless, Toyin’s self-assured stance adds an interesting dynamic to the conversation about self-confidence and the importance of embracing one’s accomplishments, especially in an industry as competitive as Nollywood.

This declaration from Toyin Abraham stands as a testament to the power of self-love and the impact of a strong and supportive fan base. As she continues to make waves in the world of cinema, her unwavering confidence and undeniable talent only solidify her status as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of acting.

“I didn’t call myself [the world’s best actress], people called me word best because I am the world’s best.

My confidence is top-notch, my beauty is top-notch, my brain is top-notch, my acting is top-notch. So, I am the world’s best. I didn’t call myself, they [fans] called me and I claimed it.”

The actress stated in the interview that women are given preference over men in the entertainment industry.

She asserts that female entertainers have greater success than their male counterparts because they are “very emotional.”

She disclosed that “Malaika” is her most expensive film to date, saying that she paid veteran actor Emeka Ike and other actors millions of dollars to be in the film.