This Your Dance No Be Here, Femi Adebayo Stir Reaction As He Dances Energetically To Fuji Song After Massive Sell Of His New Movie (Video)

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Nigerian Actor and Film Producer Femi Adebayo Sets Social Media Abuzz with Energetic Dance Moves

Femi Adebayo, a well-known figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene, has ignited a lively online conversation through his electrifying dance performance.

A viral video captured the Nollywood icon passionately dancing to a spirited Fuji song, leaving his admirers speculating that the energetic display might be a jubilant celebration of the success of his recent blockbuster, “Jagun Jagun.”

The film “Jagun Jagun” has been generating significant buzz since its premiere on August 10th, particularly after its availability on the prestigious streaming platform, Netflix.

In the video, Femi Adebayo wielded a makeshift microphone, composed of a plastic bottle affixed to a wooden stick. With rhythmic movements and spirited singing, he engaged in a lively dance, captivating viewers with his infectious enthusiasm.

Witness the vibrant dance in the video below:


Testing my musical skill!✔️ On a scale of 1 – 10, kindly rate my performance. Studio session booked…be nice please 🙏

♬ Adé Orí Òkin – K1 De Ultimate

Fans and followers gushed over his dancing skills. Some reactions are shown below:

Ilesanmi Timileyin said, “Mood after jagun jagun massive cash out 😂😂”.

SulexxSavage said, “Mood after jagun jagun sell massive 😆”.

Ayanfeoluwanimi said, “Omo I was like why would Ibrahim chatta not be on the movie until I saw him at the end I screamed 😳😁😁”.

dammola said, “😂😂 l remember the way the dance in jelili movie 😂”.

That lipgloss girl☺️ said, “I think say na only ashewo film this guy dey act but he tried in the movie jagun jagun”.

user2935755550115 said, “I no first see am well for d first time 😂😂😂”.

Tianah🌸🦋💯💖 said, “Jagun Jagun!! The best ever 😍❤️😂”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng