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“This Our Colleagues Are Not A Good Person”– Drama As Actress Jinad Ran For His Life After She Saw A Very Big Dog

Nollywood actress Jinad Abibat Adunni has recently sparked a significant reaction with her latest online comic skit, where she humorously visits her colleagues who are yet to contribute money for the child she recently gave birth to.

In this amusing skit, Jinad Abibat embarked on a quest to collect contributions for her newborn baby, visiting her colleagues. However, to her surprise, one of her stops revealed not generous colleagues, but instead, a big dog. The unexpected encounter led to a comical twist in the skit, forcing Jinad Abibat to swiftly change her plans and turn back.

The short comedy skit has garnered attention and laughter online, showcasing Jinad Abibat’s creative and humorous side, as well as her ability to engage her audience with entertaining content. It adds a delightful touch to the world of online skits, leaving viewers amused and eager for more.

She wrote: The fear of dogs is the beginning of wisdom 😃

Sabinatu.giwa wrote: My dear sis….loving all your contents.May you always be recognised wherever you go and you shall never fade amongst humans. Much love always ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stardomcakes wrote: Sebi you did not want to hear that you should drop put baby at home abi? You’ll hear from our lawyer 🙄😏

Therealkhemzy wrote: 😂😂😂😂😂thank God you turn back,just because of our baby o,if it’s only you 🙄🙄I would have drag you back 😂

Afolayan_titilayo55 wrote: Na u know wetin u dey find 😂😂 sha drop our baby make dog bit only u 😂

Ilesanmio2023 wrote: Pls buy one cap for the baby out of d owo omo, so that you go they cover his head ooooo

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