This one na Billionaire baby, Reactions as Actress Aolat Ayonimofe show off her sons, ‘expensive’ items on Kizz Daniel My G challenge (Video)

The son of the popular Nigerian actress, Aolat Ayonimofe, named King Praise, has taken the internet by storm with his rendition of Kizz Daniel’s “My G” challenge. This challenge has captured the imagination of social media users and celebrities alike, who are showcasing their luxury possessions as part of the music quest initiated by Kizz Daniel.

Aolat Ayonimofe proudly shared a delightful video of her adorable son, King, who she decided to dress up in stylish and luxurious attire. In the video circulating online, the young star showcased his possessions, leaving viewers in awe. He flaunted his N55,000 car seat, a N15,000 short-sleeve and trousers set, along with a pair of 2,000 Naira socks.

Aolat Ayonimofe playfully captioned the video, emphasizing that they are not outdone by anyone and that her baby certainly has a taste for luxury. The video offers a charming glimpse into the life of this young celebrity, demonstrating that he is not lacking in style and comfort. It’s a testament to the luxurious lifestyle that some Nigerian celebrities provide for their children and the fun they have in sharing it with their fans.

This video showcases King Praise’s extravagant wardrobe and lifestyle and adds to the ongoing trend of celebrities proudly showcasing their luxury possessions on social media.

She wrote; We no do pass our power 😂 my baby still get money 😜 @kingpraise02 Cc @kizzdaniel Watch the video below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng