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This man made me show my hidden talent”- Actor Ogogo sing fuji at Jide Kosoko’s birthday party

Veteran actor Taiwo Hassan, widely known as Ogogo, joyously celebrated his friend and colleague Jide Kosoko’s 70th birthday party. In a spirited gathering that included fellow actors like Dele Odule and Adebayo Salami, Ogogo took the stage to sing and dance alongside the jubilant crowd.

Expressing his heartfelt sentiments in the caption, Ogogo conveyed warm wishes to Jide Kosoko on this remarkable milestone. He acknowledged Jide Kosoko as a cherished brother and a senior colleague par excellence. Ogogo highlighted the significant impact Jide Kosoko has had on both his personal journey and the broader entertainment industry.

In his tribute, Ogogo applauded Jide Kosoko’s leadership style, characterized by a perfect blend of strength and compassion, shaping not only the professional landscape but also enriching the lives of those privileged to work alongside him. He expressed profound gratitude for Jide Kosoko’s contributions to his growth and the industry’s advancement.

Ogogo celebrated the resilience, vision, and dedication of Jide Kosoko, considering them as an inspiration to all. As Jide Kosoko enters this new chapter, Ogogo wished him joy in reflecting on victories and lessons learned, anticipating a future woven with threads of success, happiness, and fulfillment.

In closing, Ogogo extended warm wishes for health, joy, and countless moments of love and laughter in the years ahead, sending his heartfelt admiration and warmest wishes to Jide Kosoko on his 70th birthday.

Ogogo’s tribute continued as he toasted to Jide Kosoko’s new age, not just celebrating the years behind but anticipating the promise that lies ahead. He hoped that the tapestry of Jide Kosoko’s life would continue to be woven with threads of success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Acknowledging Jide Kosoko as “Omo mornfolú, omo kosoko” on this milestone birthday, Ogogo expressed deep gratitude for the contributions to his own growth, the industry’s advancement, and the enduring legacy of leadership crafted by Jide Kosoko.

In a final heartfelt note, Ogogo wished Jide Kosoko a year filled with all the goodness that this new age has to offer—health, joy, and countless moments of love and laughter. He closed his tribute with the resounding words, “Happy 70th Birthday, [Ofridomá]!” signifying not just a celebration of a number but a rich, shared history, and the enduring bond of friendship and camaraderie in the world of Nollywood.