“This life just do what pleases you, humans forget kindness easily” – Portable’s wife, Bewaji shares cryptic post amid drama with her husband

Several days after the controversial singer publicly embarrassed his wife, Bewaji, she posted an enigmatic message on social media. Taking to her Instagram page, she shared new photos, referring to herself as a Queen, and emphasized the importance of doing what pleases oneself. She highlighted how easily humans forget kindness and how they only seem to appreciate you when they need something, but forget soon after, often resorting to badmouthing.

“This life just do what pleases u, because they will only appreciate you only at that moment when they needed you after that they have forgotten, next thing you go hear if you no do am another person go do am, human forget kindness easily.

Many took to her comment section to show support for her.

O e Hennives Beacon wrote, “Shey u don see video wey Dammy post Bewaji. E just pain me say u marry that kain Portable

One Doki of Lagos wrote, “Madam you’re doing well, try and focus on your personal growth forget the distractions

One Queen Arike212 wrote, “Polygamous house your eyes will see shege

One Oriade Bigabyte wrote, “This lady is truly a strong woman. Super strong and tolerating. I feel her tolerance is being taken for a fo

One Love17mic wrote, “Bewaji need to show Portable some action and boundaries cause the disrespect from him is too much you are pretty Queen enjoy your life”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng