“This isn’t the economy for womanizing” – Yhemolee advises his gender

Nigerian artist Yhemolee has offered some advice to his fellow men, urging them to steer clear of womanizing amidst the current economic challenges.

According to Yhemolee, the prevailing economic conditions in the country call for a different perspective and approach to relationships and personal conduct.

Yhemolee emphasized that men should adapt to the changing circumstances and redirect their attention away from womanizing, especially considering the downturn in the Nigerian economy.

“This is not the time for womanizing,” Yhemolee wrote.

His post has generated reactions from social media users. One comment reads…

@Betty Chi wrote, “Stick to one or go broke. I like it

@Lody Bee wrote, “This economy dey humble men. They be trying to find understanding girlfriends

@Pbelle Beauty Ng wrote, “Understanding girlfriend era

@hey Bose wrote, “Them no go still heat

@Hed Shulz wrote, “If possible avoid women, except you wan marry.

@Gabbie Nkemdilim wrote, “Baba account don dey show red signal

@Cars Today Naija wrote, “So there is an economy for womanizing. So men from Singapore, Dubai, etc are womanizers. Great logic”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng