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This is so emotional, may we live long to see our great grandchildren, Video as veteran actress Iya Osogbo jumps on the viral ‘I’m not the bride’ challenge with grandkids (Watch)

Veteran Nollywood actress Madam Grace Owoola Oyin-Adejobi—better known by her stage name, Iya Osogbo—has once again won her fans’ hearts With her most recent social media video

A short while ago, a video of the 93-year-old movie legend participating in a well-liked social media challenge with her grandchildren and great-grandson went viral.

Iya Osogbo and her kin were seen performing their own rendition of the well-known “I’m not the bride” challenge in the TikTok video.

In the video, a cluster of young individuals stood in a row, clarifying that they weren’t Iya Osogbo. Instead, they introduced themselves, comprising her theater grandchild, her closest friend, her grandson, and others.

At the conclusion of the lineup, Iya Osogbo gracefully rose from the chair she occupied to proudly declare herself as the genuine article. Following her announcement, her grandchildren enthusiastically rushed to embrace her, beaming for the camera.

Watch the beautiful video and see reactions below;


Iya Osogbo, my maternal grandmother strong, agile and active at age 93. I desire and covet this grace as i pray she still stay longer for me. LOVE YOU MAMI @Amusan Bolaji Latin @Yeye Toyin Tomato 🍅 @David Kayode Oni @ajayihenry4191 @

♬ original sound – Prof Ara

Olaide: wow! iya osogbo still here…. wonderful.

MONISOLA: Oh lord let me live long and see my great grand child.

opueneall:Awwh this is emotional… her face at the end.

kate_e_bassey: Oh wow…. Good to know she is still alive.

nickicarl_: This is beautiful to watch.

damola_akinwumi: The sudden sound track 😂. Chai,may this old women enjoy the rest of their life in good health and care.