“This Is Damola Olatunji Is Missing”–Netizens Hail Bukola Arugba As Share Beautiful Video Online (Video)

Bukola Arugba recently posted a stunning photo of herself on her Instagram page. Along with the photo, she listed all her online aliases and asked her fans to choose their favorite. Fans praised her for sharing such beautiful pictures on her social media page, with many expressing their admiration.

Oreofe Oluwa,OreOluwa,Mopelola,Ewatomi,Alake Anike,Aduke ,Arike,Agbeke,Abike,Abeke,Apeke,Adufe
Adupee,Aduni,Adumaradan,Ewatomi,EwaOluwa 👌🏾

Infotrend has reported that Bukola Arugba called out Famzi Blog for misrepresenting her recent Facebook post. In a video, she asked women if they believed double dating and cheating while in a relationship or marriage was acceptable. However, the blogger twisted her words, claiming the opposite of what she actually said. Arugba expressed her frustration, stating that bloggers often spread lies, and despite her attempts to clarify, the misinformation continues to spread. She accused Famzi Blog of starting the false narrative and plans to take legal action for defamation of character. read more

Read some social media reaction below;

Mcpsalm wrote: Finest…. U now look like the bukola arugba that we know

Jayeola_monje wrote: Iya ibeji i love you my darling 😍😍

Bammyoj wrote: Beautiful Arugba ti o common ❤️❤️😍

Parental_care_ wrote: Crush ❤️❤️❤️. Pretty prettier prettiest

See her post below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng